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My name is Cyril Marsland, and I live on Aldridge Rd, Perry Barr, Birmingham B44 8BG .I am not a website developer and I don't claim to have any particular expertise where cars are concerned but two of my main interests are technology and the development of the motor car. Over many years (I am now more than 60 years old!) I've seen huge advances in both.

When I first started driving, cars were far less reliable than they are now and electrical starting mechanisms were a luxury. For many years I used to have to start my car using a handle to crank the engine over. Sometime this had to be done repeatedly before we got anywhere at all and frequently the plugs would oil up before the engine fired! This would mean taking them out and either replacing them with a new set or popping the fouled ones in the oven for half an hour to dry them off. Young motorists who just have to turn the key to start their engine don't know what they've missed!

The other major advance we have had, to me anyway, has been universal provision of heaters in cars. In my early days I used to have to bring along hot water bottles and put them in the car 15 minutes before I wanted to drive away; this at least melted any ice that had formed inside the windscreen. An early attempt to do this quickly by pouring fairly hot water directly onto the outside of the windscreen caused it to shatter completely; an experiment that I never again repeated.

Now of course we not only have heaters but full climate control which adjusts not only the temperature inside the car but also the humidity too. In my wife's car this can be adjusted individually for the driver and passenger; very useful since I prefer a lower temperature when I'm driving, and she prefers it warmer.

As far as technology is concerned the last 20 years have been absolutely amazing. We have come from the days when a computer was as big as my living room to a time when a tiny mobile phone can have many times the processing power of its' predecessor. Communicating worldwide used to be a difficult, expensive and time-consuming chore; nowadays it is practically instantaneous via text or voice, and since this is all part of an Internet connection package the cost is virtually nil. The days when I used to have to book a call to anywhere on the continent several hours beforehand, and then sit waiting for a connection, are happily well behind us.

One of the more interesting developments in car design is of course the self driving car. Frankly I do not believe that a truly autonomous one, that we can jump into and drive anywhere in the world without having to touch the controls is more than a mere dream, but then again the Internet was also just a dream many years ago. I do believe that driving within cities without actually having a driver will be possible eventually, possibly within my lifetime.

Thank you for reading my ramblings; if you wish to contact me you can do so by post or e-mail me: cyril (@) ( just miss out the brackets and spaces, I have had to do it this way to stop automated bots from sending me a lot of rubbish spam!)

Best regards from Cyril Marsland.

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